Saturday, May 16, 2009

Useful Extensions for GMail

Have you ever sent and email and then realized a second later that you forgot an attachment or didn’t include some information? Even worse, if you realized that you sent the email to the wrong person, or included the undesirable recipient in the recipients list. While some email programs, as Microsoft Outlook, give you opportunity to recall the message, if it was not opened by recipient, using less advanced email client or Web-base interface will leave you with no reversal choices. Not anymore, if you use the best free email provider from Google - Gmail.

To help senders with this problem, Gmail has introduced several add-ins from their Labs to enhance the mailing capabilities related to the highlighted issues.

One of the add-in, worth mentioning, is “Forgotten attachment detector”. To add this feature to your Gmail account, click on the Settings link and then go to the Labs tab. Scroll down until you find the related option and enable it. As option will be enabled, it will prevents you from accidentally sending messages without the relevant attachments, prompting you anytime when you mention attaching a file in the body of email but there is no attachment was detected.

The second related add-in is even more powerful, as it gives you a certain grace period of a few seconds to cancel your correspondence sending. You can undo and edit your message before sending again. Search on the list the ‘Undo Send’ option and enable it. Once you do this, after you send a message you will see an undo link above your inbox for a few seconds which lets you recall the message you just sent.

While you are on the Labs page, feel free to look at the other experimental gadgets, offered by Gmail staff to make your mailing experience better. All options are free, so choose as many as you want. You can disable any features, you do not like, anytime later.

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