Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Web Based FTP Client

Have you ever needed to quickly connect to an FTP site to either upload or download a file, but you don’t have an FTP client handy? You may be on holiday and trying connecting to the internet via a Cyber Cafe, where you may not be allowed to install an FTP client. Or you may be behind a corporate firewall at work, which may block the FTP communications.

In these, and many other cases, the free web-based FTP client will solve all your problems. You connect to net2ftp using a regular web browser and net2ftp translates your requests and takes care of the FTP communication.

When you visit the site, the usage is obvious: you enter the server and login information and then you can do all your FTP requiring activities from within your browser.

Website: http://www.net2ftp.com/

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Anonymous said...

PHPanywhere.net is a real-time syntax code editor with support for all web formats and includes a powerful FTP editor.

Check it out @ http://phpanywhere.net/ and let me know what you think!

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