Thursday, September 18, 2008

Synchronize all your Internet Profiles from one Page

If you are deep inside computers and Internet as job, hobby, or affection; if you are trying to visit every good virtual place; if you are looking for job and you have your resumes scattered all over; or even if your case does not match all mentioned before, the new free service from AtomKeep might drive your interest. It is a fresh player on the market (company founded in 2008), helping Internet users to simply keep their accounts in synchronization on all social networks, job boards and other sites.

You keep your profile at AtomKeep and you link it with other sites, where you have your accounts. As you update your data on AtomKeep, the appropriate information on your other profiles, affiliated with your AtomKeep account, will be updated respectively.

The list of the site, partnering with AtomKeep is growing fast. It has already built a respective network of popular communities, such as LinkedIn, Monster, facebook Flickr, Twitter, Jobster, Blogger, Yelp, Slide, JOBcentral, Mixergy, Ning, YouTube, Digg,, Wordpress, Google Groups, CPGjoblist, Disqus, Pownce, Technorati, Plurk, Meetup, LiveJournal, Mixx, Indeed, Job, and Imeem.

Create your account for free:

Processes of registration and account update are easy and straightforward, but since I found some video presentations on the topic, I will propose it to you anyway.

AtomKeep Registration - part 1


AtomKeep Profile Update - part 2

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