Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google new Browser enters Battlefield


Browsers War is not over yet. Now, the new push for the competition is caused for the new entrant on the market - Google Chrome. Google Blog has officially announced the Google Chrome yesterday, with link to a comic book to introduce Google Chrome. And today Google is officially releasing Google Chrome Beta for free download by everybody. The news has also been announced on Google Blog.

Multiple attempts, more or less successful, have been made over the years to challenge the ultimate lead of the Microsoft Internet Explorer on the market. However, browser, introduced by Google, should be taken pretty seriously. So, what does the new browser look like? Pretty much exactly what you would expect from Google: it is a browser with very simplistic interface. Google chose to use the open-source WebKit browser as the basis for Chrome. For now, only a Windows version of Chrome is currently available, even though WebKit is the basis for the Safari search engine on the Mac operating system.

During the install process, Google Chrome asks to import your bookmarks, browsing history, and passwords. This allows you to switch to using Chrome almost instantly. The interface for Google Chrome is light, with browser tabs at the top of the window rather than underneath the other browser elements such as the address bar. The tabs look like traditional file folder tabs, rising vertically above the window, and they can be reordered by simple dragging. New tabs open instantly, and rather than being greeted by a blank window you are given a quick launch window showing your most frequently visited sites.

The new feature introduced to the browsing is a New Incognito Window option. As it is described by developers, “pages you view in this window won’t appear in your browser history or search history, and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window”.

The software opens a new front in Google’s fight with Microsoft, whose Internet Explorer controls more than 70 percent of the browser market. Google is trying to parlay its success over Microsoft in online searches into an effort to court users who want e-mail, calendars and word processing through a browser instead of products such as Microsoft’s Word and Excel. However, Google said today it’s not going after Windows. ``I would not call Chrome the operating system of Web apps,’’ co-founder Sergey Brin told reporters today. ``It is a very basic, fast engine to run web apps.’’

Learn more on the new browser features on the Google Website: http://www.google.com/chrome


David Eisaiah Engel said...

This is a historic event. What an amazing strategy Google has. I installed the browser and almost instantly I was surfing the web chrome style. It works much faster than IE.

Can't wait until people start developing software for Chrome.

Michael Pekker said...

Yes, I am with you. I have already installed it and tried some options. So far so good. I am using "loaded" Maxthon, so it will take time to get used to the Google simpleness.

Vaibhav said...

Well, challenging Microsoft is right. I love the ability to create application shortcuts in a jiffy.

Here's a comparison I made between Chrome and Firefox.

Vaibhav said...

I think I missed the URL in the earlier comment: http://blog.gadodia.net/google-chrome-vs-mozilla-firefox/

Michael Pekker said...

Thank you very much for your reference. An excellent comparison between Chrome and Firefox!!!

David Gerard said...

"We are so, so happy with Google Chrome," mumbled Mozilla CEO John Lilly through gritted teeth. "That most of our income is from Google has no bearing on me making this statement." http://notnews.today.com/?p=57

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