Monday, March 3, 2008

100+ Free Web Hosting Sites Collection

Before starting this review, I have made a simple search on Google for term “Free Website Hosting vs. Paid Website Hosting” All the articles basically say the same. The only advantage for the free hosting is that it is free. Free web sites are unreliable, full of ads, and do not carry the same credibility as paid Web Sites with purchased Domain. Fundamentally, it is true. The thumb rule of the marketing: you get what you paid for. However, for many people free Web Sites are the best or the only opportunity to get certain Web presence and online exposure.

First of all, why should hosting companies offer free web space at all? In many cases, your page, indeed, includes host plugged advertising or banner. Here, the free host’s motivation is clear: your site exposure will bring some passive income. But, recently appeared many hosts that do not include their own ads at all on the sites they are giving away. I contacted one of the owners and asked why? He responded that he has an excess of the available hosting space, and he is giving it away in hope, that some of his free account guests will eventually move to the paid web hosting with additional features, unavailable for the complimentary accounts. This is also a valid motivation, but it is not in any conflict of interests with a free account owner or with free Web site visitors. If this Web site is unreliable, a free account owner will just migrate to another host without hesitation. There is a strong competition even among free, ads-free web sites on the market. Definitely, for serious online entrepreneurs, paid hosting would be a better solution. But, for newbies or for not much profit-oriented people, it may fill completely the hosting needs. Better to have any web presence, than no presence at all. And, associated costs keep many interested Internet users from getting their own Web Home.

I have created a Rating List, featuring more than 100 Best Free Hosting Opportunities on the online market. There are many hosts offering Web Space, so, I have no intentions to cover them all. The main requirements that impact on the host’s rating are the following:
  1. The free host should not require you to use your own domain name, or to register a new domain name as a condition to give away free space.
  2. Offer should not be neither temporary, not time-limited trial.
  3. Preference for hosts with no forced ads.
  4. Preference for hosts, allowing using your own ads (like Google AdSense) on your page.
  5. Preference for hosts, allowing FTP site loading.
  6. Preference for hosts, offering nice and short sub-domains.
  7. Any other extras are a plus. For example, ability to earn for spreading a word about free ads-free hosting 000WebHost is a definite potential advantage.
I am planning to continue working on the list, so by the time you read this article, the amount of the items for rating will be much higher.

Access the list through the link:


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