Tuesday, February 19, 2008

23 Free Online PDF Conversion Services

Portable Document Format or PDF is a file format created by Adobe Systems, Inc. PDF uses the PostScript printer description language and is highly portable across computer platforms. It captures formatting information from a variety of desktop publishing applications, making it possible to send formatted documents and have them appear on the recipient’s monitor or printer the same way as they were prepared.

I have reviewed several online services that allow you to convert documents of various formats to PDF for free. It might be quite useful, if you are away from your personal computer, and your host does not have a PDF printer installed. It also might be a backup solution for the unfortunate cases of your virtual PDF printer drivers’ corruption.

The list of the appropriate complimentary services is hosted by RateItAll: http://www.rateitall.com/t-25412-online-pdf-conversion--free-services.aspx

Note, that I did not include in the listing Online Open Offices like Zoho, ThinkFree, or Google Docs, as PDF conversion is just a small fragment of the provided services.

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