Friday, December 11, 2015

Wiind - Video email as communication of the future

Technology experts claim that the email afterlife is video email. It is already introduced on several popular platform, for example, Skype video message, however, it is still far from being a mainstream approach for the personal or business communication.

And here Wiind is entering the market with its new commercial proposal, free for the users. It offers simple, easy, and straightforward way to send someone a video email from a single location. Process flow can be described in a few words: Type the person's email and Click, Record, and Send. Video's are received in an engaging .gif format that opens natively right in their inbox. Videos are viewed in great quality on any device.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This way, you substitute currently used long and complicated process of recording the video, then uploading to another platform, and only than sending a link via email. With Wiind the entire process takes few seconds, and recipients are not only engaged, but have the ability to respond via video with just 1-click. Video clips can include text and can be sent to multiple email recipients.

The service will go live in just several days, and you can reserve your participation in a beta program now.

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Michael Pekker said...

The site is not live yet, but you can start sending video with the Chrome Extension: or with early prototype

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