Sunday, November 15, 2015

Scientific Recognition of the Displayed Emotions

New online free service from Microsoft allows you something that could be considered a Sci-Fi just 20 years ago – it allows you to identify exact emotions, communicated by the facial expressions, in an image.

The whole operation is fast, simple, and does not require sign-in or registration. Upload images from the pics stored on your computer or through the valid URL link directly from the Web.  

* Image resolution ≥ 36x36 pixels and the file size < 4MB,
* Supported image formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF (the first frame), and BMP.
* The frontal and near-frontal faces have the best results.
* And the maximum returning faces is set to 64 for each image.

Developers offer disclaimer that the recognition is experimental, and is not always accurate. Well, try it for yourself and see how the results are satisfactory:


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Putin (left)
Obama (right)
Anger: 0.000414056878,
Contempt: 0.00127421063,
Disgust: 0.000110132634,
Fear: 0.000286275957,
Happiness: 0.000129807071,
Neutral: 0.7914958,
Sadness: 0.206190065,
Surprise: 0.0000996711
Anger: 0.008025278,
Contempt: 0.006246881,
Disgust: 0.062251,
Fear: 0.00243330933,
 Happiness: 0.0065650125,
Neutral: 0.58076936,
Sadness: 0.00120144116,
Surprise: 0.33250773

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