Thursday, March 27, 2014

FeeX – The Robin Hood of Fees

Do you know how many hidden fees you are paying on your way? Actually, if you cannot change and you do not know, you sleep better. But if you know and you can change, you are definitely an informed customer and potential winner in the game.

With one excellent and very popular startup (recently acquired by Google) already under his belt, Waze founder Uri Levine has now set out on a new adventure. While Waze revolutionized the way people navigate using GPS by adding crowdsourcing into the mix, FeeX is trying to do the same with your bills.

The FeeX Damage Meter will show you the percentage of your retirement savings that could be consumed by fees. Then your portfolio will be compared with others from the FeeX community, and if there will be another competitive portfolio with lower fees and better or the same performance, you will be presented with such alternative.

The company has secured $3 million in financing and is well on its way to achieve its goal of becoming the “Robin Hood of Fees.”

The service is definitely free and will remain free for the life of the project.

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