Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to create your personal Cloud?

Recently term “cloud” became popular in relation to the virtual data storage solutions. There are multiple popular cloud services such as Goggle Drive, Dropbox,, iCloud, SkyDrive and etc., and most of them offering free limited storage plans. These systems are based on the centralized servers storing data, uploaded by users, and the clients downloading any contents on the client devices as needed. However, there are significant drawbacks and limitations, when you are storing the data at the server. Reliability, security, and limited free options are just few of the common concerns.

There is a new concept of self-served personal computing, when users are allowed to operate their own clouding systems on their own devices, like computers, smart phones and tablets. It is like having a private data center or virtual server at home on your desktop computer with ability for all other computers and mobile devices to tap into private data cloud, stored in shared locations of the virtual server computer.

The advantages are numerous:

1. You are in power of your entire network, and there is no dependency on any of the third-party servers.
2. Your clod is cross-platform, so devices with any OS - Windows, Android and Mac OS X and other – can use the solution.
3. It is totally wireless – no cables, no Bluetooth, your Internet speed will guide the data transfer.
4. Easy and straightforward backup and synchronization – multiple copies guarantee the most valuable data is safe.
5. Real time access to the data from all devices.
6. Easy sharing files with friends.

If such idea seems attractive to you, you can review the following services and choose one, which looks more suitable for your personal needs:

1. Self Cloud

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2. Sync Box

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3. xCloud

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4. Tonido

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