Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free for Life 20 GB Cloud Space from Pogoplug

Can you buy a home now? Sure, why not? You have money – you can buy a home. If you have not much – you still can buy a small piece of it – like timeshare. Buy can you get it for free? Chance definitely exists, but not so big. But, in virtual space you have unlimited opportunities to get free “real estate”, “virtual” goods and services. This time, we will present an opportunity to get for free 20 GB of cloud storage at Pogoplug. What is 20 GB? It is good enough to store more than 6,000 pictures of 3 MB, and 20 video clips in AVI format of 800 MB.

Pogoplug is a new cloud storage service for your mobile life which enables you to store, stream and share your files, photos, music and movies wherever you are. Now, for a very limited time, Pogoplug is teaming up with Adorama to offer everyone 20 GB of cloud storage space for free forever.

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Main Features:

* All your files, anywhere you need them.
 You’re constantly on the move, so why shouldn’t your data move with you? Pogoplug Cloud lets you easily upload files from your computer, smartphone or tablet and access them wherever you are.

* Stream your media anytime, anywhere.
 Stream from your Pogoplug Cloud to any device, including your smartphone, tablet or another computer. Watch all of your movies, view all your photos and listen to all your music whenever you want.

* Back up your smartphone and tablet.
 Ditch cumbersome cables: Pogoplug’s free mobile apps for iOS and Android automatically back up your photos and videos to your Pogoplug Cloud. Safeguard the photos and videos on your mobile device with one click.

* Share and collaborate with friends and colleagues.
 Share large files and folders instantly and securely. Collaborate on a work project with colleagues, or contribute to photo and video albums with friends. Pogoplug makes sharing a snap.

* Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click.
 Pogoplug lets you post your photos and videos to the most popular social sites with a single click. Your friends can watch your videos and view your photo albums instantly. With Pogoplug, you own your data—not the social networks.

Sign up for the service is fast and easy – email and password, and you are done.

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Access your web home:

Here you will find links for the free software assistants for iOS and Android.

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