Saturday, July 27, 2013

Plan your kitchen online with Gliffy

While you may not use diagrams and plans for your line of work, once a while, you may need to use them for home arrangements or other projects. Without special software and certain expertise, that may be a challenging task.

Gliffy is an application, which provides online platform for plans and diagrams creation and collaboration. You can do all the tasks in your web browser without downloading additional software.

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Using Flash technology, Gliffy allows users to quickly place specific diagram pieces onto the development screen with drag-n-drop functionality. Pieces can easily be deleted by selecting them and pressing the "delete" key on the keyboard. A variety of shapes, styles, colors, and formats are available for a wide array of projects.

The free user account has great functionality of the tools provided, but does not allow saving projects. Sharing and printing are also unavailable for free accounts. However, you are able to export the diagram as a .jpg, .png, SVG, or Gliffy XML files and save them locally.

The biggest advantage of the service is visual user-friendly interface, easy to use and requiring no complicated software manuals or extensive learning curve. Just drag-and-drop shapes from an extensive library and point-and-click your way to format. Clicking an object on a diagram allows you to rotate, resize or access the properties of the image. Within properties you can change the colors, size and position of the image. For even greater precision, set the diagram’s gridlines to display on the canvas as well as drawing guides and page breaks.

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