Tuesday, December 25, 2012

4 YouTube Services You May Not Be Aware Of

You may be using the best videos sharing website YouTube for years, but you may miss some nice features, offered by the site which are not obvious. Here are some tricks and recommendations on how to enhance your YouTube experience.


YouTube can be used as Internet Video/Radio station, providing endless playlist, filled with the music you love. Enter the name of your favorite band, artist, or even genre, and it will be created automatically at Disco channel.  It’s a great way of getting free music and just leaving it playing in the background.

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If you are interesting in getting on the top of the viewing trends and get instantly the best and the most viewed videos on YouTube, you can go through the Charts option that shows videos depending on the amount of views, ratings, comments etc. You can choose to view it by day, week, month, or by all time. It’s a great way of finding all the latest content with the crowd doing all the hard work to filter though the billions of videos for you.

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If you are not just a YouTube consumer, but also a content creator, you may find interesting the built-in YouTube options to make fresh animated videos without needing cameras, having to upload files or do any editing. The online free services and self explanatory and you can have a decent video made in less than 10 minutes.

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Ever got a video, where the view is rotated 90 degrees, or is shaky and unstable? With YouTube Editor, you do not need to edit and enhance your videos offline and then upload them. You can simply edit all your content online adding effects, transitions and cropping your videos as needed. You can even choose from YouTube’s library of approved songs to add to your video legally.

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