Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amiando – Arrange Free and Paid Parties and Events with Ease

Amiando is a very popular, especially in Europe, online event management application. The website looks very professional and has a lot of unique features, helping to organized free and paid events. The service is user-friendly and there are plenty of online tutorials to assist in making the most from the offered features and options.

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The application is very popular and has some very big customers such as BMW and O2 that shows just how useful this tool is to manage and control events.

It is also easy to create, maintain, and track new events through the fairly customizable forms with attractive interface.

Main Features:
  • Create a website for your event in just a few clicks
  • Marketing tools
  • Flexible payment tools
  • Produce professional tickets
  • Customer relations features
  • Analysis tools

  • If you are arranging a free/private event, there are no associated fees.
  • If you are planning the paid/commercial event or party, the following fees will be charged per participant: $0.99 flat fee + 5.9% of the ticket costs. For these fees, Amiando will process the funds through all convenient for participants’ means: you will be able to offer your customers various payment methods such as credit card, wire transfer, prepayment, PayPal and invoice. Amiando handles the complete payment process. Shipping of tickets, confirmations and bills is automated.
  • Those who have websites, are able easily integrate the tickets shopping module there via iframe or popup, so you can sell tickets to your visitors without them leaving your site.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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