Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AllMyApps – An Easy Way to Update and Reinstall your Apps

Over the course of your computer life, you develop certain attractions to the particular software utilities, you use more or less regularly for all aspects of your computer life. Therefore, computers’ reinstallations, upgrades, and transition to the new gadgets occasionally require significant amount of time and efforts in order to restore the familiar software environment.

Free online cloud service AllMyApps makes any transition smooth and easy. It just a central database covering all utilities, installed on your computer, allowing to tap to this information anywhere and anytime. The service keeps detailed records on every app you installed and let you reinstall them in a few clicks when you need it. No need to save your setup files or to remember where you downloaded your apps from: Allmyapps automatically remembers each app you install on your PC. Next time you need them, they will be at your hands, waiting to be installed in their latest most secured versions. The same is relevant if you need to duplicate the applications you use on one computer for other desktop and mobile devices.

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Yes, that is true, the service not only remembered what has been installed on your computer, but also notifies you on the ongoing changes and updates, improving security and reliability. Therefore, Allmyapps App Manager notifies you as soon as your apps can be updated. A single click is all you need to keep all your apps up-to-date. Of course, you can also choose to only update certain apps and if you want to stick with a specific version of an app, you can even ask Allmyapps to never update it.

More than that, if you are looking for particular new utility, Allmyapps App search engine will help you to find the apps right from the comfort of your desktop. Currently, it is more than 15.000 PC and web apps already in their fully categorized catalog, so you will always find the app you are looking for. You need to choose the one you prefer between two compatible apps?  The informative decision can be achieved easier as you see provided screenshots, descriptions, users’ reviews and ratings.

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