Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Get Free Public Domain Google Books for Your Kindle?

RetroRead is a FREE publishing service that allows you to automatically convert any of the hundreds of thousands of free public domain books available in EPUB format at to the Kindle-compatible MOBI file format.

RetroRead is also a community-created library of all of the books others have converted, and which you can download for free.

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Start searching the library now, browse the library by title, or begin by downloading any of the most recently converted ebooks, either to your desktop or by using your Kindle's browser.

Website is 'Kindle Browser Friendly' and allows you to download books directly to your Kindle.

If you want to convert and create titles that you select and download from Google books yourself, first simply register at RetroRead. (Note that the registration not required for downloading books already in the library.) Then:
  • Search using the RetroRead interface to Google Book Search for any of the classic public domain EPUB titles that interest you -- generally, works published before 1923.
  • Select the EPUB by either clicking the "convert to Kindle" or "Edit and Convert to Kindle" links, and in approximately five minutes, the ebook will be available for your Kindle.
  • The converted book will also be added to the ever-expanding library of converted ebooks, where you and anyone else may download it.

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There are four ways you can have a converted ebook delivered:
  • To the RetroRead online library, where you may download it to your desktop or directly to your Kindle
  • To your personal email address, where you may transfer it to your Kindle or read with your desktop client
  • Directly to your wireless Kindle, where it will appear as soon as it has been converted. Amazon transfer charges will apply.
  • Directly to your Wi-Fi Kindle address, where is will appear as soon as it has been converted (Free).

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