Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Controlling your Android Phone from your Computer

Definitely, your Android smart phone is a small computer, but it is still too small to operate it the same way you operate your PC.

In an effort to cover this gap, PhoneDeck, a new "cloud dashboard" for Android phones allowing users to perform multiple phone-related operations through their computer, controlling the phone from a web browser. You can send texts, make calls and reject calls on your phone all through your computer. The application can also sync phone data and gain insights on phone usage.

Along with notifying you of phone calls and text messages, PhoneDeck also puts your Android phone contacts to the cloud, which makes the whole interface look like an all familiar social network, enriched with the phone notification features.


Key features of the free PhoneDeck app are:
- Write & read SMS on the computer screen using your computer keyboard
- Get incoming call notifications on your computer showing you everything about the caller (CHROME only)
- Edit & update your phone book from the computer via the PhoneDeck cloud database
- Sync your LinkedIn contacts into your phone book
- Get meaningful insight into your phone communication behavior
- Start a call remotely from your computer without picking up your phone
- Never forget to charge your phone with your device's battery status highlighted on your computer
- Locate your misplaced phone with just one click

Developers’ website: https://phonedeck.com/start

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