Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 GB of Free Backup for your Media from MiMedia

While I consider myself as quite advanced computer user, recently I almost lost all my pictures. My slave drive, where all pics were stored suddenly died after unexpected power outage with no signs of trouble or any warnings. Yes, I definitely has backup, but the backup drive appeared to be solid dead as well, when I tried to recover the valuable information. Statistical probability that both drives will die at the same time is quite low, but it exist as you see.  Frankly, it took me several months and multiple data recovery tools to get all the pictures back, but I learned the lesson. You need to have double and triple backup for your valuable data. And, one of the components of the secure solution should be server, located remotely and is not physically present at your home. That will preserve the information in case of fire or any natural disasters.

In search for free, secure, and convenient backup solution, I stumbled upon the services offered by MiMedia. The free plan gives you one of the biggest complimentary online storage available among competitors – 7 GB of data. Yes, MiMedia will help you protect and enjoy up to 7 GB of your digital life - the files, media collections and important data that are invaluable to you - for free, forever, no strings attached.

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Developers claim that the data is absolutely secure on their servers - their storage system is located in Tier 1, geo-redundant data centers, which mean they maintain multiple copies of your files in more than one secure location. Their enterprise-quality servers are also built on RAID architecture, one of the most sophisticated types of protection available.

You can use your online account to backup the data from multiple computers, and access the data from any devices, connected to the Internet as well.

While I was most concerned for my photos backup, you can use your account effectively for other purposes. MiMedia elegantly presents and logically organizes your files by media type, so you can listen to your music including your favorite playlists, watch your latest videos, and view any of your photo galleries all in one user friendly location. You can also easily share photos and videos with your friends and family.

One of the main features of the MiMedia services is instant backup. Your digital life is always expanding, which means more photos, more music, and more files. MiMedia backs up your files in real time. MiMedia's backup client runs behind the scenes and ensures that new files and changes to old ones are immediately secured in your online storage account. Every time you download a song, add a picture, or save a document you are working on, that file is encrypted and backed up over your broadband connection. No more scheduling backups. It just happens. The MiMedia desktop client also appears as a drive in your "My Computer" folder enabling you to view and access all of the files which are backed up right from your desktop. The (m:) drive is an online drive that follows you everywhere. No matter where you are, you always have a secure place to store and access your important files. You can upload files to your (m:) drive or download files stored in your (m:) drive from any computer.

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Signing up for free plan is fast and easy. No credit card is required to establish your online account.

Website: http://bit.ly/rFcLg3

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