Wednesday, November 30, 2011

4 Free Web-Based Weight Loss and Fitness Assistants

1.      Text Weight

For those who are trying to take care of the weight issue and strive for general health improvement through various means, TextWeight may be a good solution. It provides a simple way to track and monitor your weight. You get a text message to your mobile phone to remind you to weigh yourself. When you reply with your weight, the information is sent to a graph on your personal web page that you can view at any time. Your text response is acknowledged and you get some tips to help you overcome your biggest weight management challenge. As you move toward your personal goal, you'll receive motivational messages and unlock badges recognizing your accomplishments--these can be shared with your friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

At any time convenient, you can logon to see a graph of your weight management progress. The site says a morning reminder gets the day started right, making you more resolute to tick to your diet, not skip exercising after work, and so forth.


2.      My Fitness Pal

Study after study has confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat and the activity you do. It is simple - the more consistently you track your food intake, the more likely you are to lose weight. That's why every successful weight management program suggests that you keep a food diary and/or an activity log. But recording everything you eat without the right tools can be tedious at best or simply impossible at worst.

With a 100% FREE membership, provides a food diary, a searchable food database of over 1,200,000 items, free mobile apps for iPhone and Android, support groups, personalized diet profiles, and a system that can support any diet, such as Atkins, South Beach, and more.


3.      Fit Day

Fit Day services offer you a free online diet journal where you can start tracking your foods, exercises, weight loss, and goals. Main features:
  • Service is absolutely free
  • Track your Foods, Exercises, Weight and Goals
  • Daily Calorie Counts
  • Carbs, Fat, and Protein
  • Weight Loss and Goals
  • Detailed Nutrition for 1,000's of foods
  • Long Term Diet Analysis and much more

For those, who prefer the desktop application, linked to the online account with more enhanced reporting and capabilities, you can download the software as well, however, it is not free, but costs about $30.


Start Your Diet

Free online services from StartYourDiet offer elaborate and easy to use online planner for your diet management program.

Whether you are a calorie counter or you are watching your carbs, you can easily develop a daily meal plan that is right for you. Start by choosing a daily meal plan from the selection, then swap out the meals and snacks you don't like while monitoring your nutritional goals. Daily meals planning become really simple:
  • Plans are customized for you based on your nutritional goals.
  • Swap out the meals and snacks you don't like to customize your plan.
  • Sort meals and plans by calories, carbs and other nutritional data.
  • Print out your plan for shopping or to post on the fridge.
  • Mark your planned meals as tracked with a single click.
  • Start with a blank plan and build your own daily plan from scratch.
  • Filter out all meat selections if you are a vegetarian.
  • Construct you own meals as part of your plan.
  • Use 20,000+ item database, popular food lists and more.

Another useful option is assistance in diet planning. In about 10 minutes you'll be setup and ready for action! Answer a few questions regarding your eating habits and daily intake goals for each meal will be automatically generated. Then use the database and suggestion tools to quickly plan out your weekly meals, all on a single screen!

It is not enough just to setup your goals, you will be able to track the progress as well. Tracking calendar makes tracking your diet a snap. Simply click on a date to track your weight, water, meals and exercise. Click on a future date and plan your future meals and diet goals. Perhaps the best part is you plan and track your diet using real foods and exercises; no points, exotic equations or gimmicks.


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