Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saving Time and Money by Printing Web Pages with Print What You Like

How many times have you printed an interesting article from the Web just to find out that output format is not what you would like to see - a single page print turns out to be 3 or 4 pages with annoying distortion caused by the web site unclean formatting, ads, and background images? You spend more time for completing the printing job, you waste much more ink and paper, and you do not see a clear printout after all. If you know what I mean, take a look into the interesting solution from This free service allows you to print only what you need, and how you need, from an article or website that perfectly readable with no more time, ink, and paper wasted. There is no need to install extra software, but everything is done within the browser.

Note that if you like the service, and you plan to use it all the time, you may find it more efficient to install the small bookmarklet.

If you need just random, occasional printing from the Web, using the online service will be sufficient. In a way, it can be considered as a free online webpage editor complete with multiple useful buttons. With this editor, you can quickly remove images or the background of a webpage, click and add the boxes or frames you want, isolate and resize them, change the font type and size, fit your selection to a page width, redo or undo an edit and so on. After editing a webpage, you can save it as a PDF or HTML file with the feature provided, or print it out from a printer with a built-in Print button.

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If you do not have time or desire to play with multiple customized options, you can just click on the Auto Format button, and you get a pure and clean chosen text pattern, ready to be printed.

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The service is highly recommended!

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