Friday, February 4, 2011

Easy Way to Publish and Share your Big Files with Gett

How many times you had the urgent need to transfer big file to another computer, or share it with your friends in real time? There is a definite demand for this kind of online services, and there are multiple offerings on the web market. Most of these services are free for users, so to be competitive on the clogged market, every new one should offer distinctive set of the unique features to attract users.

In this post, we would like to present a fairly new service, still in beta, Gett. provides its users with an infrastructure, which enables the user to save electronic files on internet servers. After selecting the files, the user receives a unique download link, through which his/her file immediately can be downloaded over the internet. After selecting the files they are saved on the internet servers for download at any time using the unique download link.

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The files saved with are treated confidentially. does not provide any search function, with whose help the infrastructure can be searched. does not open and view the files of its users. The files are not in any way neither catalogued nor listed in tables of contents by

At the moment, there is no limit for the file size. Though the "terms" does mention of 2GB limit, but that is due to certain browser limitations and not from the services providers side. Some browsers have a 2GB max file size limit, but others do not. As you see, the conditions allow uploading and sharing extremely large files.

The service warns that they are going to delete files after a period with no downloading. In order to clean its file storage, is entitled to delete files which have not been accessed for a longer period of time. However, this deletion shall only take place after minimum 30 days have passed since the end of the last download. If a file has not been accessed for download, the minimum storage period of 30 days shall being with the completion of upload.

Users of the services shall have the option of registering free-of-charge. Through this registration, they can expand the features and functions of the services and view and manage all files, which have been uploaded using this account. The users are obligated to keep the user names and passwords of their accounts secret. It is not allowed to forward user names and passwords to third parties. If you do sign-up for the free account, the advantages would be as follows:
  • Files expire when inactive for the longer period of time - three months.
  • Real-time statistics.
  • More control over your shares.
One of the strongest attractive features is ability to share your files in Real time. This means, you can share the file well before the upload has actually completed. This is a big advantage, since, depending on your Internet connection speed, the process of upload for huge file might be quite long, and you do not have to wait for its completion to get the personalized link for it.


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Giri said...

Thanks. Mail is also now equally powerful and many providers like hotmail allow attachments in Gbs. Also worth mentioning is torrents.
How to share large files over the internet

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