Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Use time spent on airplane for social interaction

Time you spend on airplane, or while you are waiting for your connecting flights, might be so boring! Therefore, meeting a friend or co-worker is usually a pleasant surprise helping to short long hours. Sometimes, new acquaintance “on the road” might bring you even better satisfaction. At least one of my friends met his future wife, suffering with computer battery down at the delayed flight at San Francisco Airport. He still considers these hours as the most significant event and turnaround point in his whole life.


But that is a pure chance. If you want to make it more predictable and better planned, you may find useful free services offered by the new Web 2.0 site, called Planely.

Register on the site, and whenever you’re travelling by plane, enter your flight details. You will get information on any other registered Planely Fliers who are on the same flight, or at the same departure or arrival airports as you are. You can then make arrangements to sit together on the plane, have a coffee on the ground or share a cab home.

Planely has created the opportunity for you to contact passengers with overlapping itineraries ahead of time and make mutual arrangements. The new services are especially useful for those who have difficulties to start communicating with strangers. When your common ground is already established, everything rolls out much easier. Even more beneficiary that will be for people coming for the same conference, sport events, unique travel destination, etc.


Have a flight soon? Give it a try. Check Planely at http://www.planely.com/

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