Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Transferring Images to your Mobile Phone with Pix2Fone

Pix2Fone is a free service that lets you make custom mobile phone wallpapers, backgrounds and logos in instantly without being a gadget guru. There are two ways of using the service (both are equally free of charge): you can use online version, loading the pictures through the web site, or you can download a small plugin for the most popular browsers MS Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The browser extension adds "Save Picture to Mobile Phone" and "Upload File to Mobile Phone" options right to your browser.

Why you may need this service?

  1. You may just want to replace the preset background images on your phone with a fresh set.
  2. Need to use your friend’s photo as a picture caller ID, while you are on the go.
  3. Need to save the picture on your phone from the Internet or your home computer without cables.
How it works?

If you chose to install the plugin approach, following the installation, right-click with your mouse on a desired photo in your browser and select "Save Picture to Mobile Phone" from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you may select "Upload File to Mobile Phone" from browser's "Tools" menu to upload a picture or MP3 file from your computer. In a few seconds Pix2Fone web service will process your request and format selected image for your specific phone's display settings (note that the first time you use the service to send image, the service will ask you about your phone model).

Then you will be given a unique download code and may save the picture optimized for your phone via phone's WAPWireless Access Protocol, also known as "wireless internet", "mobile web" or "data service", allows Web access on mobile phones. browser.

All you need to get pictures to mobile phone is a wireless service plan that includes WAPWireless Access Protocol, also known as "wireless internet", "mobile web" or "data service", allows Web access on mobile phones. access. Open page in the phone's browser and enter the download code to start loading picture to the phone. Optionally you may avoid typing by sending the direct download link as SMSShort Messaging Service, also known as "text messaging". right to your phone. To download image, highlight the internet link in the text message you received and select "Go to" from the phone's menu. This free option is available for users in the U.S. and Canada.

The phone starts downloading picture automatically once you enter the download code (or click the direct link you received as SMSShort Messaging Service, also known as "text messaging".). A message will appear on the phone's display referring to the incoming file size.  Press "Yes" key and wait a few seconds until your phone displays a message like "Item saved in My Pictures". Now you can set this picture as phone wallpaper, background or even picture caller IDLink pictures to the contacts in your phonebook to display a photo of the person calling you..

Developers’ website:


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it isgood mobile phone i like it

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It is great! I was looking for this solution, many time I requires to transfer images to my mobile phones.

Linda said...

Wow a great post as to how one can go for and transfer images in to yout mobile using Pixfone... Welldone....

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