Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to send SMS to any Skype User for Free?

SMS to Skype is a free service from Connectotel allowing GSM mobile phone users to send Skype instant messages to any Skype user. SMS to Skype uses the standard Skype software. You do not need to install any other software. Your message, including the Skype name, can be up to 160 characters in length. Many phones will show you how many characters you have typed or how many characters you still have remaining in your message, whilst you are typing the message.

Sending a Skype message from your GSM mobile phone
  • Select the option on your phone to create a new SMS text message.
  • Type the word skype followed by a space.
  • Type the Skype name of the recipient followed by a space.
  • Type the text of your message
  • When asked to type the number, select the SMS to Skype entry from your phone book or type +447747782320.
  • Select the option to send the message.
Setting up your mobile phone
  • Select the option on your mobile phone to add a new entry to the phone book
  • Type the name SMS to Skype
  • Type the number +447747782320
  • Save the entry to the phone book

You would like to send a Skype message to johndoe from your mobile phone asking him to call you. Here is an example showing how the message should be written:
skype johndoe This is an example message

You would then choose the SMS to Skype entry from your phone book and send the message.

Tip: Many mobile phones allow the creation of template SMS text messages, which can be used instead of having to type the same message each time. Save a template SMS text message for frequently used Skypenames, like this:
skype johndoe

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