Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free Virtual Desktop GoPC for Travelers

You love your computer, and you carefully select your applications for your personal and business life. But, there are occasions, when you are not at home, and your laptop is not available. With free virtual computer, offered by GoPC, you are still able to operate your virtual desktop from anywhere and feel as you never left your desk.

GOPC gives you the full functionality of a standard desktop PC but with the power and flexibility of online applications. This means that you can login to your GOPC from any Internet-connected computer and work from anywhere in the world.

The new GOPC personal computer runs off a standard USB stick drive, iPod or simply over the Internet. Simply plug in your USB drive into any computer and you're quickly connected to your online PC. You can access all your work whether you're at home, work, campus, or traveling anywhere in the world and you never have to carry a computer with you.

What is GoPC?
GoPC can become your personal floating desktop. It is "cloud computing" and it does everything your physical PC does without you being tied to it.
  • Create, edit and store Word, Excel or Powerpoint files without software.
  • Access email attachments instantly without downloading them.
  • Edit your photos.
  • Collaborate with colleagues.
With complete privacy, your personal desktop runs from any physical PC or Mac with broadband Internet. Run GoPC at work, on campus, from home or anywhere.

How does it work?
Your personal desktop, applications and data all run in a supercomputing data center and are delivered from the Internet, referred to as a network cloud. The screen image is encrypted and transmitted via the Internet to the PC you've logged in from, which is effectively just working like a dumb TV screen.

Everything is centralized and private so you can access it from anywhere, anytime, from anything. It runs the same on an old PC or the latest Apple Mac as long as you've got a clear Internet link. And with no data on the PC and using the same encryption level as your bank your privacy is assured.

GO.PC is the next generation of "cloud computing" technology. For individuals it means not having to rely on a single physical PC. For a school, small business or the enterprise, it hosts the complexity of the network and collaboration requirements within the "cloud" and can be configured automatically.

Data Sharing
GOPC also allows you to share files or directories with other GOPC users, exactly the same as if you were all together in a local area network. You can set up shared drives and folders so your friends and family can access your photos.

How can it be free?
There are almost no software license costs. The applications are Open Source Software (OSS) and so FREE. Developers add value by selecting the best applications, pre-packaging and hosting them so they're ready for anybody to use within a few minutes without having to install anything onto the local PC.

GOPC gives you a host of open source programs that are functionally equivalent to and compatible with programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoShop and many other programs that you're familiar with. All the files you create with these Open-Source applications are in the same standard file formats so are fully editable in these Microsoft and Adobe programs and visa versa.

Try it yourself
This demo is a limited facsimile of the live system. You can launch applications from the Start menu, click and move the desktop icons or double click and launch them. Drag around the application windows as you launch them and then close them down. Click the Start button and check through the menu. It's designed to give you a sense of what GoPC is. But there's nothing compares to a full test drive with all the applications running. It takes 2 minutes to create your own personal GoPC ID then login to the live system and experience the freedom and privacy of cloud computing with your own data.

Free Account Limitations
As you understand, there should be somewhere a catch. Why developers can offer you so rich functionality on complementary basis? That is right. Because, they offer several levels of the functionality features that are naturally billable. So, what are the limitations of the free account?
  • Disk Quota: 250 MB.
  • Mail: not available.
  • Group Collaboration: not available.
  • Spam Protection: not available.
  • Printing: not available.
  • Shared storage: not available.
  • Some programs: not available.
In spite of the significant limitations on the free account functionality, the service is still interesting and useful for those, who need virtual computer assistance during vacation, business visits, or else.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah it works.
The paid version does a heap more.

Michael Pekker (AKA Nesher) said...

Indeed, the free package is introductory to get you "hooked" to the beauty of the virtual computer concept.

winlin said...

is there any "free, trial" alternative virtual desktop like GoPc, I couldn't find any.
please suggest !!!

Michael Pekker said...

Yes, there are several virtual desktop services. You can start your research from this link:

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