Thursday, April 23, 2009

Create and Sell Tickets Online through

If you ever were responsible for organization of official, semi-official, and non-official billable events, you know how much hassle is to arrange them and to collect the money for expenses reimbursement. I bet, you not just get a huge headache, but also end up paying your own money to cover up misplaced tickets and non-paid expenses. The website TicketDerby will take all the unpleasant money-related procedures out of your hands and let you focus on more essential creative portion of your event organization. All tickets will be sold online with placing charges to the buyers’ credit card or PayPal, making this option very attractive to the participants. You just pay $1 per ticket to the site organizers, which is rather affordable sum for any tickets pricing.

You can get the funds to your account through PayPal or by check.

In addition to letting people create events and the tickets to go with them, the company offers free promotion opportunities for the advertised events, and extra services to organizers such as the rental of scanners and onsite support for large events (additional fees applied).

Registration to the site comes at no cost, and once an account has been set up you can start creating tickets for the reasonable price that is specified online.

Creating any event and promoting it is not necessarily easy. Such a task involves a great deal of time and in some cases a considerable spending on your part. A service such as this one takes care of these worries and provides some breathing space for any organizer. If you are one such individual, consider wending your way to the site and see if it can help you out of organizational chaos.

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