Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Xomba as Additional Income Source

There are so many revenue sharing sites these days, that in most cases, I just pass them by after brief review. But, with this company, it was different. I decided to join it after thorough investigation, and so far, I do not regret a bit. is an online community that pays for your posted content. It splits AdSense revenue, generated by your every post, 50/50 between the community and the writer. To get your share, you, definitely, need to create AdSense account first to be able to utilize your new online income source. I was quite positive that all my readers have already AdSense accounts as part of their moneymaking routine. But, it is not true. I got couple of emails, asking on how to open AdSense account. Technically, it is easy, but you need to own website or blog to qualify for one. You can easily set your new Blog through Blogger platform. For that, no need of special programming knowledge, as Blogger gives you straightforward intuitive tools to create a Web Home. As Blogger Web Site belongs to Google, usually, approval of the AdSense accounts from this host arrives fast.

But, let’s get back to Xomba. It is a combination of the articles submission site and social bookmarking site. But, does not matter, what you exactly submit, your revenue share is the same.

There are no restrictions on the topic - you can write about anything you want, and Xomba provides some useful tips and guidelines on how to structure your post in order to maximize earnings. My personal experience was quite favorable. I started getting the first traffic, observed through AdSense monitor, next day after submitting my first post. And extent of the recorded exposure grows daily. Yes, I would recommend this site for everyone, looking for passive online income. If you do not have original content, you can mostly work with the bookmarking part of this community. You can have “winning” references, without writing long articles.



Update: Sharing revenues is not available anymore, while the articles sharing platform is functional.

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