Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Signing Referrals without Bugging Friends

I was tipped about GetRef a long time ago. I did not like the site design than and was reluctant to join. And, by the way, I still do not like it. However, after my third visit, I decided that I have nothing to loose and signed in as a member. What is all about?

If you are familiar with quite popular Pay-to-Click or Pay-to-Read Web Sites and the related method of money making, you understand that by reading and clicking you will not make the fortune, even you spend on the task all day long. The only possibility to boost the earnings is building the referral downline. Collecting your own referrals, and not just referrals, but active referrals, is the only way to make the programs work and justify the spent time by the appropriate return on its investment. Bugging your friends and relatives might upset them and damage your relationship, online promotion on your Web Site or Blog, or posting on the Message Boards and Forums might bring you some people, even thou the competition is very severe and the promotion campaign might take more time than reading and clicking. Getting active referrals, that will actually bring you passive income, - even more challenging task. GetRef is giving you ability to sign referrals for any of your program. Site offers a choice of 2200 programs that can be used.

To get referrals, you need credits. Credits can be purchased, or can be earned. Earning might be performed by visiting the Web Sites or signing for other offers. Visitations accumulate credit slowly but steadily without any additional obligations. If you see the offer you like to join, that is under promotion by other member, why not joining through GetRef? In some cases, for one sign-up you can get up to five referrals for your own program. You can also spend your credit for 15 seconds GetRef impressions, delivered to the members, looking to get credits. Joining is free, and you can get to know the system really fast. As needed, you can get help in the built-in forums. Overall members’ feedback is quite positive.

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