Wednesday, October 31, 2007

36 Best Freeware Directories Collection

For freeware fans, I have prepared the list of the top sites, offering the freeware programs, posted at RateItAll.

The listing is focusing on the true freeware directories and reference sites. Freeware should match the following definitions:
1) Freeware - Free software, often written by enthusiasts and distributed by users' groups, or via electronic mail, local bulletin boards, Usenet, or other electronic media;
2) Open source - software distributed in source under licenses guaranteeing anybody rights to freely use, modify, and redistribute, the code;
3) Shareware software, free for non-commercial use.

This definition does not apply to the illegal freeware software collections, as cracked software or warez. I also tried to avoid the sites, where there is a mixed listing of the freeware, shareware, and trialware programs due to the complications on the true freeware separation from the other, non-free competitors.

Link for the listing:

Enjoy the release!

Monday, October 29, 2007

24 Online Services to Offer Free Phone Calls

I personally like freebies. Even thou, there are sometimes hidden reasons to provide free services to the general public, as far as you understand the possible consequences, you can manage them successfully. I want to offer for your review a small list of the phone-related free online service, that include free phone calls, voicemail, and conference calls.

The WebList is hosted by RateItAll:

Enjoy this release, and add the entries I might be missing.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Free Online Services - Audio Conferencing

This free service might be useful for personal use, and for business use as well. It might be very interesting for those who need to perform business and private conference calls with multiple participants.

The advanced conference calling system allows to host a conference call whenever you want. No reservations needed. No waiting. No fees. Host up to 100 callers per conference on the standard free account. The conferencing center is open 24/7, every day of the year. All users just pay the regular long distance fees to connect to the server.

You can sign up and start using the service immediately. You need just enter your name and email address.


Friday, October 26, 2007

57 "Money for Surveys" Web Sites Collection

I have compiled a list of the top 57 Money for Surveys Web Sites on RateItAll. It took me three days to filter through about 300 sites I found online. However, besides those, that I use myself, I could not give the proper evaluation for sites by just looking on their offerings.

The criterias for the site to be included in the list were as follows:
1. Preference for instant pay for survey, not a lottery or raffle. For some reason, I have suspicions on the prizes distribution fairness. I saw once, how the winner was determined through the raffle on one of the Trade Shows. Just overheard the talk: "Let's give the prize to Mr. X, he will feel good, and will buy the system tomorrow".
2. Applicability for the general population. I did not include too narrow targeting Web Sites.
3. Any good or bad feedbacks, I could locate in the online communities.
4. Amount of the information given before the site forces you to register or sign in.
5. Web Site professional outlook, how long ago was it updated, etc.

Definitely, I could miss some valid points. You are welcome to review the list, leave your opinion and rating, and earn money as much as you wish...Link for the list:

Again, I want to claim that the list does not include my referral links, so do not consider this posting as an attempt to make new referrals. Tell you truth, I am so bad in making referrals, so I just gave up on this side of the business.Anyway, good luck with your online moneymaking.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Software Judge - Money for Software Reviews

Software Judge pays pays its members for posting original software reviews on their site from the list of the proposed software programs. Payment minimum is $1, and maximum is $50 per posted review. Minimum Payout to cash in is $200. The best contributors also get free gifts on top of the accummulated earnings.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

100+ Revenue Sharing Websites Listing

Hello Friends,I completed a two-days task of compiling the list of the 50 best revenue sharing Web Sites on RateItAll, with brief description, links, and rating for some of them. Please feel free to visit this listing and vote for your favorites.

Do not consider this post as attempt to get more referrals, as I removed all referral links from the offered listing. You also can see the Widget at the left border with scrolling listing.

P.S. I rated Blogger with the highest ranking of 5, but its "enemies" decreased the overall ranking. If you care for the Blogger community, come and vote for it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog Promotion through Technorati

Claiming the blog to Techonorati will help you to maximize your blog's exposure to those looking for information you provide. Your visibility will be significantly improved if you post your Blog to the proper category of the Technorati's Blog Finder. Hey, you need visitors, and visitors are looking for you! Help them find your artciles. You have a chance to improve the attendance even more, if your Blog will be published on Technorati's Home Page.


Monday, October 15, 2007

RateItAll - Money for your ratings

In the previous posts, I placed several lists of the free software in various categories. They are hosted on the quite interesting site RateItAll - one of the oldest in the group. You can find there multiple lists of products, services, opportunities, and places with description, links and ratings. You can create your own lists in the area that nobody was investigating before, or rate the items, introduced by others. Every your post there carries your hidden signature, and you will earn income initiated by the page visitors through AdSense account (you should create one, if you do not have it yet). Adsense idea is great, as the income is not based on your action at the time (clicks, sigh-ins, or else). You establish your presence once, and collect dividends thereafter. It especially important for those who does not have a Web Site or blog, where Adsense codes could be planted. You also do not have to promote your Adsense pages, as RateItAll will do that for you, sharing the total revenue on 50-50 scheme.

Sign in through the link:

Friday, October 12, 2007

19 Free Password Managers Collection

Password managers are very valuable pieces of software, even thou you might use the built-in forms auto-filling feature from your Operating System.

The stand-alone programs will give much higher flexibility and ability of the cross-computers use. You can find three major uses for them:
1. Filling user name and paswords on the pasword protected Web Sites. No need to remember anything.
2. Filling questionnaires and online forms with your standard personal information. Saves a lot of time to the Internet users.
3. Saving your data for passwords, credit cards, driving license in the portable password manager, when you go for travel. If your documents are lost or stolen, it will be much easier to restore them, and to call to your bank or credit company to cancel your cards.


27 Free Unit Converters Utilities Collection

One more list for you. This time it is all about Unit Converters. You will find different combinations of features and user interfaces, so you can find one program, suitable for your needs.


35 Free Screen Capture Utilities Collection

If you are using ocasionally the basic built-in screen capture utility PrintScreen, you would be interested in much better utilities, doing the same and much more, for the same price - zero. Choose one, that will fit your needs with appropriate set of features. Programs names, links, descriptions, and ratings are provided.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

47 Free Archivers Collection

Please review the collection of 47 free archiving programs with brief description and links, I created on RateItAll. No small prints or strings attached. Pure freebies.


50+ free file manager utilities with reviews

Please review the collection of 52 free file managers, I have posted on RateItAll, with brief description, links for download, and rating. Are you still using standard Windows Explorer?


Shared Reviews - Get Paid for Product Reviews

Shared Reviews in Beta status is paying the members $10 for every 5 product reviews. After launch, copmany will give away 50% of its revenue to the contributors.


Valued Opinions - Money for Surveys

Valued Opinions is an online survey panel operated by ResearchNow. The panel is available in over 15 languages across more than 20 different countries. Valued Opinions members receive ‘cash’ redeemable for vouchers for each survey they participate in and quarterly cash draws for members are also held.


Screamer Radio - Free Internet Radio and Recorder

Simple, portable, free, and doing its job properly - what may be a better combination for a software title? Many stations from different countries. You can record the stream in MP3 file.

Main Features

·         It's easy to use
·         It's not bloated
·         It's ad free
·         It has no spyware
·         It has a huge database of radio stations
·         It has a cool peak meter ;)
·         You can easily record what you're listening to
·         You can hide it in the system tray
·         You can play back on multiple soundcards


Our thanks to the author David Zidar from Sweden.

Welcome Message

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my Blog. I will do my best to provide interesting infromation and some new insights to the World of Web Freebies. It will include referring and reviewing free software for your computers, sharing with you some Web Sites and Internet Services, you can use for free, and certain Moneymaking Opportunities as well. EVERYTHING, unless stated is free here, without "small print" and "attached strings".

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