Monday, October 15, 2007

RateItAll - Money for your ratings

In the previous posts, I placed several lists of the free software in various categories. They are hosted on the quite interesting site RateItAll - one of the oldest in the group. You can find there multiple lists of products, services, opportunities, and places with description, links and ratings. You can create your own lists in the area that nobody was investigating before, or rate the items, introduced by others. Every your post there carries your hidden signature, and you will earn income initiated by the page visitors through AdSense account (you should create one, if you do not have it yet). Adsense idea is great, as the income is not based on your action at the time (clicks, sigh-ins, or else). You establish your presence once, and collect dividends thereafter. It especially important for those who does not have a Web Site or blog, where Adsense codes could be planted. You also do not have to promote your Adsense pages, as RateItAll will do that for you, sharing the total revenue on 50-50 scheme.

Sign in through the link:

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