Friday, October 26, 2007

57 "Money for Surveys" Web Sites Collection

I have compiled a list of the top 57 Money for Surveys Web Sites on RateItAll. It took me three days to filter through about 300 sites I found online. However, besides those, that I use myself, I could not give the proper evaluation for sites by just looking on their offerings.

The criterias for the site to be included in the list were as follows:
1. Preference for instant pay for survey, not a lottery or raffle. For some reason, I have suspicions on the prizes distribution fairness. I saw once, how the winner was determined through the raffle on one of the Trade Shows. Just overheard the talk: "Let's give the prize to Mr. X, he will feel good, and will buy the system tomorrow".
2. Applicability for the general population. I did not include too narrow targeting Web Sites.
3. Any good or bad feedbacks, I could locate in the online communities.
4. Amount of the information given before the site forces you to register or sign in.
5. Web Site professional outlook, how long ago was it updated, etc.

Definitely, I could miss some valid points. You are welcome to review the list, leave your opinion and rating, and earn money as much as you wish...Link for the list:

Again, I want to claim that the list does not include my referral links, so do not consider this posting as an attempt to make new referrals. Tell you truth, I am so bad in making referrals, so I just gave up on this side of the business.Anyway, good luck with your online moneymaking.

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