Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Change your Password Now!

If you care for safety and security of your online passwords and credentials, you may consider changing them again. Security experts have spotted a new massive database of login credentials — over 560 million emails and passwords — put together by an unknown person and for unknown reason. In any case, that is not information that you would be happy to share with the World, especially when it includes financial and other essential records.

The database was discovered by the Kromtech Security Research Center, while performing a regular scan of easily accessible devices connected to the internet. Most of the information has been already included in the website Have I Been Pwned, allowing users to see if their accounts have been compromised in the captured data breaches. The site is compiled and managed by Troy Hunt, an Australian Microsoft Regional Director and one of the top Security Experts.

Checking your accounts is simple, easy, and fast, so I do not see any reasons not to check the user name or email address against the security leaks discovered.

The information, contained on this database, represent the numerous former and recent breaches at sites such as LinkedIn, LastFM, Tumblr, and Dropbox. 

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