Friday, March 4, 2016

Online Collage Creation Made Fun and Easy

Free Ribbet service allows you to create free, professional, and artistic collages online with 1hundreds of posted layouts and customizable settings.

Ribbet! is based on the platform which made Picnik great. If you used to like creating your collages on Picnik, you'll love what Ribbet! has to offer. With a familiar interface and all the same functionality, Ribbet! makes a great Picnik collage making replacement.

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Main Features:                
* Choose from multiple collage layouts.
* Customize proportions, spacing, kookiness and roundedness.
* Use your Facebook and Flickr photos, photos from any website, your own uploads, or previous Ribbet! edits.
* Add text, stickers, borders and effects to your masterpiece and share it online.
* Share your creations directly to Facebook or Flickr, or download them.
* Create collages online: nothing to download or install.

If you are not satisfied with the range of the provided complimentary capabilities, you can subscribed for wider range of premium options.

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