Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DO`ZZ - Schedule Meetings with Ease

People are busy with work, personal, and entertaining activities. How to arrange meeting schedule that works for everyone with ease and for free at the same time?

DO’ZZ may be what you need, may be not. But it worth to give a try anyway, because it is user friendly and free solution.

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Create meeting in just few steps:
* Enter meeting title.
* Set starting date and time
* Set duration
* Set exact location
* Set description
* Click “Create Meeting”

You get two links: one is the link you send to all people you want to participate, another one is administrative link if you need to change the meeting details later.

* Service is available in 32 languages. Right language is usually detected automatically.
* Optimized for Smartphones.
* Does not require registration or sign in –neither for you, nor for other participants.
* All attendees have opportunity to respond on the invitation (yes or no), and to leave detailed comment if needed.
* All responses can be sent to the organizer’s email if desired.
* Unconditionally free.


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