Monday, September 14, 2015

What to Do, if you Need to use Website, but you do not want to Register there?

Indeed, there are numerous cases, when you visit website for a single dedicated visit, and you have no particular desire to spend time on registration and provide your personal information. Well, for the second purpose, you can always use the temporary email addresses, minimizing the amount of associated spam to your main address. However, you may still need to supply all the required data and wait for email confirmation in most cases.

There are some free website service, which might be handy, making such logins easier and faster. We are going to present three of such kind for your review. All the services are free to use.

1. BugMeNot

BugMeNot is an internet service that provides usernames and passwords to let Internet users bypass mandatory free registration on websites. Access and share logins for websites that require you to register in order to view content.

Just enter the website URL, and check if the community has shared any available logins you can use.

2. Login2

This service is made for you to save your time on registration for many sites. Just type the name of site for which you need to enter login and password and click «Get». if our first login doesn't work, please click button «Not working, show more» and other logins will be displayed from our dedicated servers, which could be correct.

3. Fakeaccount

Fakeaccount allows you to get access to multiple websites without signing up with personal accounts. Search for websites and use login and password of our anonymous fake accounts.

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