Saturday, August 15, 2015

Audio Does Not Work After Windows 10 Upgrade - Resolved

If you have agreed for your Microsoft Operating System complementary upgrade to the Windows 10, you might already have recent opportunity to perform it.

And here is my personal experience.

The process of the system upgrade is simple, straightforward and fully automatic. You may start it immediately upon receiving the related invitation, or you may schedule it for later time, more suitable for the background processes to perform the task.

While I cannot say I have explored all the new features and capabilities, the original experience is quite positive, with almost no obvious issues and hiccups. I say almost, because the audio stopped working altogether.

Here is the sequence of my troubleshooting actions to restore the audio performance of my computer:

* Reconnected 3.5-mm audio cable for my speakers at the back of the computer. Negative effect.

* Connected speakers to the front connector to verify that the issue is not related to the particular connection. No changes.

* Connected headphones to assure that it is not particular issue with my elderly computer speakers. No sound with headphones as well.

* Connected USB headphones to check the sound card performance in general. Yes! After drivers update, the sound is present.

* All the previous steps point out on the possibility that the problem source is the outdated or corrupted Sound Drivers.

--- Accessed Device Manager through the Control Panel

--- Located Audio in Sound, Video, and Game Controllers Category.

--- With right mouse click brought context menu and selected Updated Driver Software… option. After the driver was updated successfully, the audio has been restored.

And what is your experience with the Windows 10 upgrade? 

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