Monday, June 22, 2015

Rotate video online, for free

You have made the perfect video, but it is upside down or sideways? Rotate your video and fix it in a matter of seconds. Just send us your video. You will have the opportunity to rotate it and download the result. It cannot be easier! This is not even the full story. Once your video is rotated, we help you post it to Facebook or YouTube. You choose.

Main Features

* Online video rotation: Why downloading some software when an online service is already here to do the job?
* Your choice if you prefer to rotate on the left, to the right, or flip it. Then you can make it a 16:9 video, if you like.
* Easy to use: Rotating the video is very easy. We present you the visual result, no need to think "90° clockwise".
* Share your rotated video: If you wanted to share your upside-down video, good news: we post it for you on Facebook and YouTube.
* Free.
* Secured: Your videos are private. They are deleted automatically from the server after a few hours.

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