Thursday, March 12, 2015

3 Free and Useful Web Services for Students

It might be challenging for students, especially for freshmen, to study effectively and have time for fun. In this post, we will propose some recommendations and will offer several useful free services.

How to Study Effectively

* Make a time schedule. A schedule lets you pick the best times to study, work, and play. It puts you in charge of your time. Buy or make a weekly planning guide and use it to schedule key events, assignments, and deadlines. Keep it with you and try to stick to it. Soon planning your time will become automatic.
* Prioritize. It can be difficult to remember everything you need to accomplish. Keep a list of things to do and write down all of your tasks, including study and class projects. Beside each task write a letter or number indicating its priority. "A" priorities need immediate attention and are important, "B" priorities are important but not urgent, and "C" priorities are not important nor urgent and can wait. Work on "A" priorities first, and then move to "B".
* Study each day at the same time and place. Consistency forms a habit. In keeping the same time and place for studying, you can eliminate many distractions and lost time. Study in a place where you can stay focused.
* Plan to study just prior to and immediately after class. The best time to retain information is while the notes are fresh in your mind. Try to study prior to a discussion period and right after a lecture. Doing so will help you remember important concepts and organize what you have just learned.
* Plan study time throughout the day according to your ability to concentrate. You have points throughout the day when you are at your peak. Be aware of those times and schedule "A" priorities and difficult tasks or studying during your peak hours. Schedule less demanding tasks during your low energy periods.
* Set goals for each study period. Sit down to study with an agenda of what you want to accomplish. Completing a task will give you momentum to accomplish more.
* Take advantage of "waiting time" to review. Ten-minute segments add up and can be helpful. Carry review cards or a book with you to study between classes, while waiting for an appointment or a friend, etc.
* Don't wait until you are in the mood to study. You may never be in the mood and you will lose precious time while waiting for the mood to strike. Discipline yourself to stick to your study schedule; it will keep you from having to cram during exam time.
* Plan time for fun. Schedule time each day or week to do things that recharge your creative batteries or help put your life in perspective. You can decrease stress and achieve a nice balance between work and play, when you have planned enough time for both.

Useful Free Services


Helium allows you to ditch the physical planner and take control of your schoolwork.

Main Features:
* Coordinated Calendars. Easily organize and color-coordinate your schedule and schoolwork, capture details about every assignment, and plan your study schedule.
* Schedule at a Glance. Categorize your assignments, set up grading scales, and enter details about teachers, room location, schedules, credits, and more!
* Grade Analysis. Constantly up-to-date details about your grades in every class, a breakdown of your progress, and insight into which classes you are acing and what could use improvement.
* Assignment Details. Enter due date and textbook details, add notes to remember later, set a priority level, and record grades when complete.
* Materials Organizer. Maintain a list and details of the supplies, books, technology, and equipment you will need to pick up to be ready for class each semester and each day.
* Filtered Lists. Sort assignments by class, priority level, due date, materials needed, etc. for an easy way to structure your study time and plan your approach to mastering your courses.

Assign It App

Assign It App is a web service that helps you keep track of assignments and courses. It allows you to enter in assignments and keep track of when they are do.


StudentBook is a web application designed for students of any kind of school. It helps to manage easily homework, exams dates and grades of individual subjects.

Main Features:
* Organize your tasks. It helps you to organize homework and learning for exams. Now you will never forget anything. You can tick selected tasks and old items will disappear automatically.
* Share with classmates. Once you have created timetable, homework or exams, you can instantly share it with your classmates. Invite all of your class to StudentBook and everyone will know, which homework are on tomorrow.
* Get your average grades. Fill in your grades and get weighted average. You will have an overview about the final grade you will get at the end of year.

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