Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fav2Go - Your Favorites in the Cloud

Today, you may have multiple computers and smart electronic devices, and having your favorites and bookmarks somewhere online for safety and sharing purposes, is more important than ever - is a platform that allows you to personalize your own homepage with your own favorites on the web. Innovative architecture, impressing user interface and powerful features provide you the best product for working with just clicks and moves. You do not need to care about things you do not need to care about! All the data is stored in a cloud, available from any place, any device and anytime, just sign-in and use it. Features like sharing allow you to work with your colleagues, friends or co-workers on same projects, or even being updated about everything on the web.

Main Features

* Access your favorites from any browser, device and operation system.
* All your data is synced and stored on a cloud. Access your data from home, work and even while traveling!
* Working on the same project? Have the same interests? - Share groups of favorites with your friends and co-workers.
* Be informed about new websites at the area of your interests or expertise.
* Search favorites faster & smarter
* Just moves and clicks. The interface is built to be efficient, clean, powerful and easy to work with.
* Registration is fast and simple. All you need to provide is email address and create password. No other private information is reuired.

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