Monday, December 29, 2014

How to recover some portion of your vacation costs?

“Carry is an online peer to peer marketplace that connects people who need to ship things with travelers who can carry packages for them.”

There are multiple reasons why people prefer to ship valuable items with people instead of using most convenient transportation means of mail, FedEx, else. Sometimes, that may be a matter of urgency and safety. In others, that may be attempt to beat unreasonably high taxation on shipped items, or overall dysfunctional mail transportation systems in particular countries.

Carry solves all of those pain points by connecting folks who are traveling with people who need things shipped. The two-sided marketplace allows travelers to post their trips and offer to be carriers or for people to post what they want brought to them. It is a win-win situation: people living overseas get their goods and folks traveling can make a little extra cash.

Carriers also get to set the price of each transaction, which the shippers agree to before the trip. They can also refuse to carry any item they are uncomfortable carrying and the site clearly stipulates what is and is not legal, according to both the TSA and USPS. Finally, all packages must be inspected by the carrier before they embark, in order to ensure that everything is there – and that there is not anything that should not be.

Items, being shipped via air, must comply with TSA Rules and Regulations found at

Items, being transported via rail, roadway, sea or any other means of transportation, other than air, should comply with the standards set forth by the US Postal Service at

Note that users must register via Facebook and submit requested information for a background check at Carry’s request.

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