Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Making Gmail a Better Place – Rapportive

Gmail is great, but there are numerous ways to make this experience even better. A free service, offered by Rapportive (acquired by LinkedIn in 2012) helps you to deal with the contacts the most efficient ways. Definitely, people who use their email addresses for a bit more than just conversations with close friends, will enjoy the most.

Rapportive allows you to see important information about your contacts right inside your inbox, not leaving the Gmail. As soon as you get email from seemingly unknown person, you get the additional information about the sender, helping you to decide the course of actions, is urgent response needed, and helping to create the most adequate response with minimum time and efforts.

Let’s say: You have got mail. Immediately, you can see:
* Who is this? See their happy smiling face.
* Where are they? See if they are nearby, and arrange to meet.
* What do they do? See their job, company, and LinkedIn profile.
* What do my apps say? See their activity in MailChimp and more.

Better information means better action:
* Establish rapport. Mention shared interests and recent tweets.
* Grow your network. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.
* Store thoughts for later. Leave notes on their profile.

You can use your favorite apps inside Rapportive as well: MailChimp, Bantam Live, BatchBook, BookingBug, Brightpearl and CrunchBase.

Developers’ website: http://rapportive.com/

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