Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Instant Online Grammar Checker

If you are writing a lot for business or for pleasure, you may be tight in time to perform fine polishing of your grammar and style. While that might not be a big deal for most of the cases, sometimes, you have letter or online post to write, too important to leave without final tweaking. A free online service, provided by GrammarBase will help you to avoid blatant mistakes and improve your style readability.

The service is 100% free, and it is really fast – your test will be analyzed in real time for any mistakes. Once the scan is complete, you will receive a free detailed report identifying all issues and offering simple suggestions for improvements and corrections.

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There is no need to download any software. You can simply paste your text right into the application window on the website. It will then promptly go to work, scanning your content for mistakes.

An in-depth and thorough check — it’s much more comprehensive than any word processor. It checks for all types of grammar mistakes, contextual errors, modifiers, prepositions, punctuation, quantifiers, and more.

Whether you are a student, professor, business professional, journalist, author, writer, job applicant, or just someone who wants to improve his or her writing skills, this free online service can be of good service for you.

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