Thursday, September 6, 2012

VoxOx – Google Voice and Skype Competitor

No, I am not giving up with my Google Voice and Skype yet in favor of VoxOx, but for some people, VoxOx may offer a good answer to their needs.

VoxOx is a free consumer software and service that enables you to make free or super cheap calls anywhere in the world, as well as text, chat, fax, share files and so much more.

VoxOx is marketed as “universal communicator” service that helps you manage all of your conversations and contacts in one place. VoxOx reaches across different communication channels and networks to help you get in touch with family, friends and colleagues. VoxOx also gives you powerful calling features that enable you to manage and screen your calls and to be reached on any device.

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Main Features

  1. VoxOx gives you a free personal phone number so that you can receive inbound phone calls, text messages, and faxes from anyone for free.
  2. You can make unlimited free calls when you contact other VoxOx members, including VoxOx-to-VoxOx video calls.
  3. You can use the on-call features to conference in up to 20 people, record and transfer calls on-the-fly.
  4. Your VoxOx number is loaded with free voicemail service, accessible from any phone, with email and SMS notifications and many cool features.
  5. You can chat with your friends from other communication platforms, like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL, as you are on the same network with them.
  6. You have Advanced calls management features. For example, VoxOx may answer your call and tell you who is calling. You can even listen to their voicemail before picking up the call.
  7. You can custom block unwanted callers with the Dead End feature. You can set certain contacts to always get a busy signal, disconnected message, or even a recording you’ve uploaded specifically for that person
  8. VoxOx will also is able “find you” on any phone you want – desktop, home, office, etc.
  9. You get a list of global access numbers in multiple countries. Dubbed “iNum” (for “international number”), this free VoxOx offering enables those who live outside of the U.S. to call your VoxOx number at their local rates.
  10. You may even entertain your friends with custom ringback tones. Upload music files or your own recordings that play for callers instead of ringing.
  11. You also may enjoy free VoxOx Universal Translator to have a real-time, translated conversation across 2-way chat, SMS, email and Twitter @replies.
  12. Send massive files up to 100MB with anyone across any chat, SMS or email.
  13. Software is available for Windows, Mac, and iPhones.

Outbound Calls Rates

When it comes to placing international calls, VoxOx offers incredibly low calling rates for mere pennies per minute for calls and faxes, including:
  • $0.01 per minute in 20+ countries/territories… (U.S., Canada, U.K., Spain, Singapore, China)
  • $0.02 per minute in 30+ countries/territories … (Greece, Argentina, Italy, South Korea, Japan)
  • $0.02 to $0.05 per minute in 50+ countries/territories … (India, Russia, South Africa, Chile, Indonesia)

And the rates for sending text messages are super cheap too. Just $0.01 per text in the U.S. and Canada and just $0.02 per text elsewhere worldwide.

  1. The user base is much smaller than Skype has, so unless you convince your friends to join this service as well, you may not be able to enjoy unlimited free VoxOx-to-VoxOx phone calls.
  2. Unlike Google Voice, all outbound calls and messages (in the USA as well) will also cost you money. They are quite cheap, but still…
  3. Unlike Google Voice and Skype, this service does not have app for Android platform, which is a big limitation for me personally.


In spite on the brought limitations, VoxOx service looks really promising, especially if you are looking for additional free US phone number. Yes, if you want a free US incoming phone number, Voxox is an easy service to use. In the sign-up process you are asked to provide a mobile number, and Voxox sends activation code on that. However, it supports lot of countries, so you do not need to have a US mobile number to get a Voxox number.

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