Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tawkon's radiation detector for iPhone

As logical continuation of the mobile phones safety review, we offered in the previous post, we would like to present a special software application, which was particularly developed for iPhone to measure the emitted radiation from the device.

Last summer, Tawkon founder Gil Friedlander emailed Jobs and pitched the app as a good way to allow users to "see the level of radiation they are exposed to from their mobile phone." One week after the pitch, Jobs got around to replying with a two-word answer: "Not interested." The good news is that you can still get this app on your jail-broken iPhone if you really want to know how much radiation your iPhone is emitting at a given time.

Getting the rejection from Apple, Tawkon developers announced last month that tawkon is available for iPhone users for FREE via Cydia. Note that the iPhone jailbreaking is absolutely legal, so you should not be worrying for any retaliation from Apple.  

So here’s how to get tawkon on your iPhone:
  • Have a jailbroken phone? Open your Cydia application and search “tawkon”.
  • Want to jailbreak your phone and download apps like tawkon via Cydia? Follow the simple instructions here.

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The mobile application is available for Android phones. You can install it from the Google Play official website:


wholesale cellular accessories said...

I think this was a good idea. I will have the time to have this application. I am also willing to know how much radiation my iPhone emits.

Anonymous said...

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Grout Perfect said...

Great stuffs! I love and want to have those freebies... I am not just sure if I can have those even if I am in a different place.

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