Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funny Personalized Money, Playing Cards, and More

Using free pictures editors, provided by online services, allowing using your own photos to make funny images, became very popular. In this post, I would like to present one more new site, giving you multiple opportunities to make fun on your friends and on yourself. Site use 4 different types of the templates to generate funny collages.

Personalized Money

You have multiple templates with paper money from different countries, like Antarctica, Canada, China, Russia, USA, and other. Simply embed you photo and create a new image. It is unlikely, that you can use the currency in financial operations, but you definitely can bring some fun to your friends.

Personalized Playing Cards

You have multiple templates with playing cards for Jacks, Kings, and Queens. You can simply embed your photo, and using moving and enlarging operations, fit to the opening.

You have three basic templates: Budweiser, Corona Extra, and Heineken. Here, you cannot embed your picture, but you can modify the text on the logo in different ways.

 Personalized iPhone Application

I will this section review, since I do not use iPhone. But if you do, you can try it.

This section has nothing to do with images. Enter name of your beloved, and an optional gift you want to present her/him, and the poem generator will make the genius creation for you. You can choose the best fitting lines up to the moment you are completely satisfied.

This section will let you do several unusual effects to your text. Create a funny greeting card, love letter, or invitation, and spice your text with provided effects.

When I was testing the service, the server response was a bit slow on my Internet Explorer based Maxthon; however, you might find the delay acceptable if you need these effects for your project, postcard, or joke. When I tested the service on Chrome, the response was much faster.


Logo Design Canada said...

Its called a fun share.
i like this creative face editing art on a cards.

Anonymous said...

customized playing cards are a great personalized gift gift idea! Very cute and original!

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