Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Phone Calls for Twitter

Join forces of Twitter and JAJAH offer short messages exchange to be performed in a form of regular phone conversation. With the new JAJAH application, Twitter users can make free phone calls their account on this microblogging service.

Now in Beta, JAJAH@Call allows you to make a free two minute call (as the verbal equivalent of a tweet) to other JAJAH@Call users. It’s free; it’s easy and works no matter how you use Twitter, whether it’s on your mobile phone, via Seesmic, TweetDeck, or any other way.

The Beta is available to selected users. To check if you’re one of them, log in to your account. Under "My Services" in "My Account" page you will see “Twitter Calls.” If this doesn’t appear, and you would like an invitation, send an email to

Note that the length of the call is limited to two minutes only during the beta period, but the company will evaluate that call length during beta, and may change the timing per evaluation outcomes.

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How to use JAJAH@Call

To make a call, simply send a tweet with “@call @twittername” where "twittername" is the username of the person you wish to call. Your phone will then ring and the call will be connected. All contact details will be kept private, so you can use JAJAH@call without giving your phone number away. For the call to be successful, both you and the person you wish to call must be JAJAH members.

Let other people know they can @call you: send a tweet "call me free - reply with @call". Or add "JAJAH@Call" to your account info so people will know you are part of the beta. To protect privacy, calls can only be made to people who follow you.

No headset, no download, no software, no hidden costs. Use the phone you already have.

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