Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Text to Phone Call with Selectable Voices

Using the latest in VOIP and Text to Speech technology, AfterVoice allows you to conduct free text to speech phone calls with changeable voices. The technology takes you recipients phone numbers and places a call from the number you specify and with the caller ID details you specify. You also get to select the voice you want the message replayed in. There are a variety of different voices, so you might want to find which one works best for you message. 

The first thing comes to mind, that the service allows you to make easy and funny phone calls, giving pleasant surprise to your recipients. As any technology, it can be misused by callers, but it is your personal responsibility to avoid steps, which could lead to unforeseeable consequences. Do not misuse this interesting service for illegal and unethical phone tricks.

It's as easy as enter a few details about you and your recipient and your call will be instantly sent for processing.

Registration is not required to use the service.

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1 comment:

ChermylleJazz said...

Awesome! So this is just applicable for Cellphones which has a speech text technology?

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