Thursday, July 2, 2009

Find a Better Bank or Credit Union!

Worldwide economy is tough nowadays. Many people are unemployed, other were forced to take salary cuts to decrease companies layoffs. In this situation, you might cut your regular expenses, otherwise you would never think about. Do you know that you might be paying extra fees for keeping your checking and other accounts in your bank? That is not much, but your financial situation might demand savings here as well.

May be, other banks at your geographical location could provide you the same (and even better) benefits, while saving you money on various fees and account maintenance? You do not need call or perform Internet searches to compare the available offerings. FindABetterBank is the only page you need to explore to get objective features comparison. Service is free, and no registration is needed to use it.

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FindABetterBank is a free, unbiased comparison tool to help you find a new primary bank or credit union (i.e., the bank you use to make direct deposits and to pay bills). With FindABetterBank, you can compare local banks and credit unions based on the following features:
  • Where you're located. You tell us the zip code where you want to search and we'll show you account information from the banks and credit unions nearby.
  • Features you need. Banks "bundle" a lot of different features into their various checking account offerings. Simply specify which features you "must have" and we'll only show you accounts that have these features.
  • How you use a bank. If you're the kind of person that withdraws money from any ATM, we'll show you options that include ATM fee rebates. If you maintain balances near $0, we'll show you checking accounts with the most features you need for the lowest fees.
Note that at the moment the service is limited to the US banks only.

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