Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Create Funny Old-fashion Wanted Posters

Take a break! Need an inspiring funny poster to cheer-up your colleague in these different economic times? Want to make a nice postcard for the birthday party? Got a tip for you…

You can easily turn any picture into old-fashion stylized "wanted" poster. You can use the poster graphic to personalize a website or blog, use it as a MSN display image, or email it to your friends.

Note, that you need to sign up for free picture hosting account in order to get code for the picture to be embedded in your blog or website. If you do not want to sign, you can just download the outcome picture to your PC. The only drawback is a small watermarking on the result image.

Tips for better results

  • Take a close-up picture of a person’s face without much background.
  • Take it in front of a white or light-colored wall.
  • A cowboy hat, toy pistol or bandana adds a bit of fun.

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