Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Photos for your Passport

I you are dedicated user of the multiple free services on the Web, you might noticed that there are more and more companies, entering the marketing niches that for long were not even considered as are that can benefit from online assistance. The reviewed service is one of those, offering you opportunity to cut costs for password photos you need for foreign passports. is the Internet passport photo booth, and its primary goal to put an end to the passport photo rip-off. There is no reason you should have to spend valuable time and money just to get a simple, compliant set of passport photos.

Especially useful feature, offered by this free service, is the fact that the system currently supports the proper legal government requirement of over 60 countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe (and many in between, such as Australia, France and Germany). For example, if you’re a citizen of China living in Canada or a citizen of Israel living in the US, will help you create passport photos that comply with the requirements of your home country. Site will arrange the photos from the file you upload and upon preparing the right format, will allow you printing them at convenience of your home, on your own printer.

You might ask what the catch is. You can choose premium service, including human validation, printing and shipping, available at a reasonable price of $5.99.



JohnKhoo said...

It is good to have the free photos offered for passport. However, many countries have their own rules and regulations on their passport photos requirement. Sometimes, it is very hard to someone to use these free photos services for their passport application especially for the third world countries applicants.

Michael Pekker (AKA Nesher) said...

You are absolutely right. The guys claim that there are positive their posted requirements for different countries are correct. However, it is a good idea to check the legal guidelines online before sending application.

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